Demo Reel

Animation and Game Demo Reel from Anne Lantz on Vimeo.

Responsible for all animation. Unless noted otherwise, all animation is keyframed.

00:04 – Hot Chocolate. Project from ANOMALIA two week course. Animated in Maya.
00:08 – Save the Day. Animated in Maya.
00:12 – Entrance Animation. Animated in Maya.
00:17 – Transition: Stand to Battle. Animated in Maya.
00:21 – Walk Cycle. Animated in Maya.
00:31 – Wolf Run Cycle. Animated in Maya.
00:38 – Phantom Lancer Walk Cycle. Created control rig and animated in Maya. Model and joint structure owned by Valve.
00:48 – Climbing. SpineBomb competition entry: 2nd Place. Animated in Maya.
00:52 –

Song: Mariachi Bandits of Gatling Gun Ridge
By: Krackatoa